Fire Safety FAQs

I don’t feel comfortable or have the time to conduct a fire risk assessment myself. What should I do?

When the legislation was passed there was exactly this kind of argument against it. Which is why the government allowed any business in need of an assessment, to hire a professional eternal body of trained fire-safety experts like us; we make it quicker, easier and less hassle to conduct an accurate Fire Risk Assessment.

What benefits are there to hiring a professional Fire Risk Assessment service?

The benefits are numerous:

How regularly do I require a fire risk assessment?

The frequency of your assessments depends on various factors. Essentially you will need another assessment if at any time you make any changes that will affect the nature of the emergency procedure, lay out or circumstances of fire-risk. This includes refurbishment, large changes in layout or contents of the work environment. If you contact us regularly we can discuss with you over the phone a review of what has changed since the last assessment, so that if anything significant has changed we can schedule another assessment to keep you compliant

How long does the Fire Risk Assessment take?

This depends on the size of your business your business does not have to be closed for the duration of the Fire Risk Assessment. Your staff can continue to work as normal.

What is the end result of the assessment?

Once we have finished examining your premises, within 2 days, we will deliver a through report to you detailing every aspect of your Fire Risk assessment. This report is comprehensive, it’s officially recognised by insurers and the government – it can also be a useful tool for you to move towards a safer business.

What does a fire-risk assessment entail?

Our trained fire  Risk assessors will examine every aspect of the premises, age, location, condition, layout and content to assess how much risk there is in terms of fire hazards such as combustible materials, who is at risk,and the best way to minimise the risks.He will suggest ways to improve your overall fire safety and keep you complient. The assessor will also assess and help to improve the current protocol for emergency planning and evacuation.