Fire Risk Assessment

Our services are essential for any business since the introduction of the Regulatory Reform Safety Order in 2005. This reform act made it compulsory for all businesses with 5 workers or more to complete a full fire risk assessment from professionals trained in proper fire safety management. We can provide you with the service and expertise of these professionals that will improve the safety of your workplace.

Our assessment is completely independent and reliable. We will provide you with information about how you can make changes to your business that will result in significant improvements to your day to day fire safety.

The basic service that we provide is a full assessment of the property and the business including :

We will then compile a Fire Risk Assessment that proves that you have adhered to the legal requirements of the 2005 Regulatory Reform Order. This will also be required for insurance purposes. The report will also be able to help you to improve the safe running of your business by providing you with a comprehensive and detailed list of any fire hazards that may need attention.  It is a well known fact that 70% of businesses never recover from a major fire and many go into liquidation shortly afterwards. Don’t let yours be one of the 70%.