Fire Regulations

The new legislation introduced in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 has changed the procedure  and policing of unsafe premises since it was introduced. The new Order places responsibiliy upon you in the event of an accident You could be prosecuted if as an employer, landlord or business owner, you have failed to provide a comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment.

Since coming into action the reform Order has made it easier to understand the way in which employers are both responsible and liable for the fire and emergency training on their premises. It also highlights the importance of prevention when it comes to correct fire safety. That is why it has become compulsory to have a thorough and detailed Fire Risk Assessment, which we are able to provide. The legislation places this responsibility on nearly every business or property owner in the country. You require a proper risk assessment if you are:

Our service can not only just bring you up to the legally required standard of fire-safety, but we’ll work closely with you and your employees to create a safer working environment. Our Assessors are trained in all of the details of the reform order as well as fire safety techniques that must be implemented to ensure a secure working environment and prevent injury or the loss of life. The specifications of the legislation require that you conduct a thorough assessment and training that includes:

The service that we provide is essential to improve the safety of your employees – all with simple steps that you can take to make your business less at risk.