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Here at SNG Fire, we provide an essential service that will ensure the safety of your Employees, Business Assets and Premises. Since the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 was passed, it is now a legal requirement that all businesses carry out a Fire Risk Assessment of their premises. SNG Fire are leading UK based fire risk assessors, qualified to carry out fire risk assessments.

  Services we provide include:

We specialize in providing clients with a comprehensive London & Nationwide Fire Risk Assessments  Service.  A trained and fully qualified fire risk assessor will survey your premises and identify any fire risks. A comprehensive fire risk assessment will then be produced, detailing what needs be done in order for your premises to be fully compliant with the law. You will then be supplied with both a hard copy and electronic version of the fire risk assessment for your records.

Legislation also requires staff to be properly trained in fire safety. We also offer on-site Fire Safety Training Courses to ensure that your staff understand how to prevent fires and react should a fire occur. We can provide that training on your premises at your convenience. See Fire Marshal / Warden Training for further information.

Remember: It’s easier and cheaper to prevent a potential accident than it is to pick up the pieces.  It is a fact that 70% of business never recover after a major fire. Don’t let your business be one of them. Book your fire risk assessment today with one of our qualified fire risk assessors.